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Frog Boy Color PCB - Unpopulated

Frog Boy Color PCB - Unpopulated

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Oops, I ordered too many Frog Boy Color PCBs! While prototyping designs, my eyes are often bigger than my stomach when it comes time to order. Let my hubris be your future Frog Boy Color. 😤

This is an unpopulated FBC-CPU-02 PCB with ENIG(gold) surface finish, and nothing else. You will have to supply all of the necessary components to build it yourself. Functionally equivalent to the PCB coming soon to PCBWay.

Full BOM can be found on the GitHub project(FBC-CPU-02 BOM going up soon).

Notes for version currently on sale:

  • Available in poisonous frog purple
  • Compatible with spring contact speakers: OWS-111535LA-8H
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