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Frogulator Game Boy Color/Pocket DC Regulator

Frogulator Game Boy Color/Pocket DC Regulator

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PCB Color

The Frogulator is a replacement DC regulator for the Game Boy Color, with 100% more frog! Works well in conjunction with my other GBC/MGB mods. Please carefully read features and notes below!

Kit includes:
- Frogulator
- Header pins

Video with installation instructions can be found here:

- Generates 5V rail used by system and popular backlit screen kits.
- Built in battery indicator. Frog eyes go from green to red when batteries are almost spent.
- Battery indicator can be switched between NiMH and LiPo mode using switch on back. Stripe on switch corresponds to NiMH mode.
- Works with both the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket when using an aftermarket backlit screen.
- Great choice for Pocket Color/PoCo/MGBC builds when paired with OSD IPS kit.

- Header pins are not pre-soldered, to protect the Frogulator in shipping.
- Does NOT work with OEM screens, including those that are backlit/biverted.
- Efficiency depends on screen kit used. See "Tested Screen Kits" below.
- Battery indicator is tuned for LiPo and NiMH rechargeable AA batteries. Use in a Pocket with AAA batteries will result in low battery indicator showing for longer.
- When used in a Game Boy Pocket with the FunnyPlaying IPS kit, brightness control will not work.

Tested Screen Kits:
- FunnyPlaying GBC Retro Pixel 2.0. Efficiency with this kit depends on whether or not the PWR wire is connected on the screen ribbon(ribbon v2.6+ only). See charts in images.
- GBC Q5 OSD IPS. Frogulator is more efficient than stock regulator. See chart in images.
- Cloud Game Store 2.45" Backlit LCD. Efficiency not tested.
- Other CGS kits should work, but are currently untested.

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