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Game Boy Color Wire-free Tactile Button Mod

Game Boy Color Wire-free Tactile Button Mod

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Give your Game Boy Color buttons a clicky tactile feel with this easy to install wire-free button board!

Wires(not included) may be required in cases where the Game Boy has damage to the button test points, traces, and/or vias. Recommended to use 30 gauge or higher Kynar hookup wire.

Kits purchased on or after 3/31/2023 contain tactile start/select board. Be careful when installing, as select via is very close to tac switch.

Installation video:

1. Align board over button contacts, ensuring that the through-holes align with the test points on the board
2. Solder all points on the button board to the test points below. Best practice is to apply gentle pressure to either side of the pads while applying solder to ensure the board remains flat
3(A/B only). If you wish to retain DC jack functionality, run a wire from the GND pad on the board to and ground point on the GBC. Otherwise, bridge the pads at GND_ALT on the board.
4. Success!

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