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Game Boy Pocket Battery Indicator Mod

Game Boy Pocket Battery Indicator Mod

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Tired of unexpectedly losing your game progress when your batteries die? This mod replaces the Game Boy Pockets's OEM power LED with a two stage battery indicator so you'll always know when it's time to save your game! This can even be used to add a power LED to a Pocket without one! Wire free installation works with MGBC from Bucket Mouse. Works with Natalie the Nerd PoCo by running a wire between VCC on the mod and the motherboard.

Installation video:

- Power LED changes color when batteries are near depleted. Low battery LED illuminates ~10 minutes before shutoff with IPS display and IKEA LADDA batteries
- Tuned for use with popular NiMH rechargeable batteries, e.g. IKEA LADDA, Eneloop, etc
- Low power consumption: ~6mA at 2.4V
- Simple installation, only 3 points to solder

- It is highly recommended that you clean the inside of your power switch before installing this mod to avoid flickering near the threshold voltage
- Low battery warning time will vary with battery brand, capacity, age, etc. Target is ~15 minutes on 750mAh IKEA LADDA batteries.
- Not currently compatible with lithium battery mods due to voltage differences
- Verified to work correctly with OEM DC regulator. Aftermarket regulators will work, but may exhibit slight behavioral differences, e.g. options from Helder and Retro6

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